Everyone needs inspiration.

That push from others; the song that makes you feel weightless; a quote from those who seem so much wiser; family; a bike ride or jog, that reminds you of your inner-strength; warm family meals that are eaten as a community; fresh air; yoga poses; old pictures; ice cream; mangoes; books that fill your soul; funny facebook comments; prayers; thank you’s; a large glass of water when you are really thirsty; gifts from others (that remind you that you are worth it); laughter; hugs; pets; hikes; … and the list goes on.

But, sometimes life becomes overwhelming and stress, procrastination, sadness, anger, jealousy, and fear get the best of us.  It’s hard to remember why we should keep pushing.  As someone who works as a mentor for children and is always putting myself out there for everyone to turn to, I forget to practice what I preach.  This blog is a personal journey of healthy living and inspiration.  For myself and others.

Finding inspiration for sustainable, healthy living through anything and everything!

“A turtle travels only when it sticks it’s neck out.”