Who doesn’t love to dance?  Whether you go blow off some steam at the club, wiggle your toes to a catchy beat, or wave your hands wildly in the air as you tell a story.  Our bodies are constantly moving.  We all have our own unique presence seen through our body language.  Our bodies speak and express themselves through non-verbal art.  Our movements express who we are and attribute to what makes us different from one another.  Whether you know it or not we are all dancers. 

I spent my Saturday evening sitting in a very intense dance studio called Millennium in North Hollywood.  The studio teaches everything from hip hop, jazz, tap, and ballet. It is a nationally prestigious dance company that has and continues to foster some of the greatest choreographers in the world.  There are also a large number of celebrity clientele that dedicate time to becoming a student at Millennium Dance  Studio.  The initial owners, AnnaMarie and Robert Baker, were dedicated to creating a space for dancers, where those who have a passion for the art of body movement could let their creativity be free.

My friend Simon attends classes their every weekend.  I have never danced professionally, let alone sit in a class of people who view this art form with an immense amount of passion.  The minute I walked into the room with my jeans and flip flops, all eyes shot my way.  I sat in the corner and tried to sink into the wooden floors, maybe camouflage into the huge mirrors that I leaned my back against, but  it was too late.  They saw me and I knew and already knew I was most definitely not a professional dancer.  I sat like a little school kid.

The dance teacher’s name was Nicky.  It was an advanced hip hop class and the people attending were some of the best dancers I had ever seen.  There has recently been a huge movement of recognizing dancers.  Through popular shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and Dancing with the Stars, this genre is getting the credit and attention it deserves.  As I sat in the class, there was something so hypnotic about the presence of these dancers.  They had this style that didn’t seem to be something learned or picked up.  It was natural.  Something that couldn’t be explained and something they weren’t trying to do.  Once the music started, the bodies started moving effortlessly.  Each movement was clean, powerful, and made a statement.  I felt as if I was in middle school, staring at the “cool kids” and asking myself, “How do they do it?”

When the class was over, I mustered up to talk to the some of the dance students.  I don’t know why I was so nervous… sweaty palms and everything.  I talked to young woman in the class named Emily R.  When I asked her why she dances, she responded by saying, “When I dance, everything else disappears.  Everything that you worry about, all the things you stress about, slowly fade.  It becomes nothing, but you and the music.”

Another girl said, “I dance because it’s my therapy.”  This statement brought me back to my blog.  Resilience, therapy, and inspiration.  The beautiful things this world offers us, that reminds us that it’s worth living this life, struggling, and doing what we do.