1.  Remind yourself of the all the things you love about yourself.  The things that make you feel special, confident, and that you wouldn’t change for the world. Maybe you have that award-winning smile?  A fierce strut?  You’re a good and loyal friend? Whatever it is, embrace it and work it!

2. Set goals and meet them.  Usually when my path gets blurry and I lose direction, those insecurities resurface.  By setting goals you find a sense of purpose and by meeting them you feel an even stronger sense of achievement.  They don’t have to be huge. I’ll set a tiny goal like finishing a book I’ve started, facing a minor fear, getting my homework done, reconnecting with an old friend or others people that bring out the best in you.  You’ll be suprised at how great and fulfilled you will feel.

3.  Work out!  After starting this blog, I promised myself that I am not going to just dish out modes for inspiration, but actually follow through with them myself.  I talked about Yoga, which I did give a try.  But after blogging about exercising I rejoining my old gym in February and have been working out daily.  Even if its as little as 30 minutes a day.  It has improved my mood, made me eat better, and has been very therapuetic.  I have turned to running, biking, pilates, and weight training.  This has definitely re-inspired me to take better care of myself both mentally and physically.  Plus, I fit into my favorite old pair of jeans! :]

4. Don’t stress about tiny things, no matter how big of a deal they seem to you.  Try to put them into a larger perspective.  I would always feel insecure about not fitting in or being too different.  Whether it be my political beliefs, big hair, or mixed race.  Tell yourself who cares! or so what!  Too many times I have sat and replayed a sitaution that I wish had gone differently.  Stop and shout WHO CARES! (You can also apply my blog about “laughter” to help you find the humor in things.)

5.  Most importantly, I want to resonate with the theme of my blog which is getting to the root of things and not just focusing on things at a surface level.  With that said, one of the most important things that has helped me with insecurities is an awareness of why I feel this way in the first place.  When I really began to examine my life feelings of rejection, fear, and judgement begin to resurface.  Things I have been told about myself, that I had bought into, and images around me that made me feel devalued and unimportant.   Figure out what is triggering your sense of insecurity and use that place as a starting point.

Feel free to comment with your own mechanisms of dealing with insecurities!